WELCOME TO THE 5TH FACADE is part of the 5th Facade Project—a series of built and conceptual investigations into the neglected top layer of cities—the rooftops. A science fiction narrative and five graphics were created for Olson Kundig's entry in the Fairy Tales 2016: Architecture Storytelling Competition hosted by Blank Space. This video is based on the Fairy Tales 2016 submission. The latest phase of the project involves a graphic novel.

Under the creative direction of Alan Maskin, I collaborated on storyboard, graphic design and typesetting for the graphic novel. I was one of the directors of photography, art director and sound editor for the video.

5th Facade Team
Alan Maskin, Jerome Tryon, Chris Burnside, Gabriela Frank, Katie Miller, Ryan Patterson, Kevin Scott, Sam Tannenbaum

Graphic Novel Team
Alan Maskin, Sam Tannenbaum, Chris Burnside, Jerome Tryon